BIO talk travel tech and best-in-class experiences over breakfast


BIO recently hosted an insightful breakfast session to explore findings in our recent white paper – Connecting to the Connected Traveller. Joined by a number of high-level experts from the world’s biggest travel brands in the airlines, hotels, travel agents, and transportation sector, we discussed the potential mitigation strategies for a number of challenges identified during the session – from the consistency of digital-physical experiences, lack of accurate customer insight in the digital landscape, difficulties in evolving digital strategy to a genuinely customised journey, the effective delivery of new travel technology and personalised experiences, to tackling the legacy software limitations. Armed with distinctive perspectives from various travel verticals, we explored what does the future hold for travel and how our attendees can use emerging travel technology to broaden engagement and turn travellers into loyal fans. 

The travel breakfast is a part of our new event series that bring together a small number of high profile industry experts to discuss the key customer experience-led strategies that can help to build for a better future. Many thanks to everyone who attended the session for their part in this insightful and exciting debate.  


Our next breakfast event for the pharma industry leaders is scheduled for 29 November and will explore how pharmaceutical brands can drive patient engagement through digital. Interested to attend? 
Register your interest here.  

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