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Where Next? Reinventing the Travel Experience with CX-led Digital Transformation

Published Summer 2018

BIO examines how brands can stay relevant to – and valued by – today's travellers.

Some travel brands have struggled to keep up with the best-in-class customer experience offerings increasingly common in other sectors. As nimble new players enter the scene, what can big legacy brands do to foster loyalty with today’s connected travellers? And as travellers become ever more discerning, what role should word-of-mouth and customer advocacy play in travel brands' strategy? 

In 'Where Next? Reinventing the Travel Experience with CX-led Digital Transformation', we discuss our recent travel consumer survey findings and explore the opportunities for brands to stay connected – and valued – before, during and after a trip.

The white paper presents data and analysis from our recent consumer survey to identify the key travellers’ pain points and gauge the appetite for innovation across airlines, accommodation brands and tour & activity providers.
  • Research on consumers’ changing behaviour and new expectations in the travel sector
  • Insightful commentary from leading industry experts
  • Analysis of the most prominent travel tech trends
  • Strategic advice on how to cater to travellers’ needs before, during and after the journey
  • BIO Forecast predicting key trends that will shape the future of the travel industry